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Encyclopedia of academic science in Poland

The aim of this project is to edit and issue in print the work of Professor Piotr Hübner titled “Encyclopedia of academic science in Poland”. The manuscript comprises of over 1750 pages and 200 keyword-articles, organised in the thematic order. It is based on tremendous amount and types of sources, collected during over three decades of studies on the history of science in Poland.

“Encyclopedia…” is organised according to the following string: ideas – academics – masterpieces – institutions.

Articles of greatest significance on the matter of academic science are the starting point of this work. They are the issues of academic values and identity traits of science, followed by the process of historical institutionalisation of science, its organisational forms and types of studies. It then presents main academic centres and universities, and continues with the issue of freedom to organise academic associations and centres and to promote new members of academia. A part of this work is also devoted to the presentation of values, ideas and structures of various student organisations.

As science is above all about people, their stories, successes and tragedies, “Encyclopedia…” focuses not only on ideas, processes, social phenomena or institutions, but also on the people, who over decades have made and organised science in Poland. A significant part of this work is focused on the bureaucratisation and ideologization of science, as well as typical defence mechanisms of members of academia. These are followed by the presentation of material conditions of performing research and rewarding of researchers – issues of vast impact, however often underappreciated. Final articles describe Polish studies and research centres abroad.

Thus, all 200 keyword-articles reconstruct a complete picture of the identity, culture and traditions of academic science in Poland.