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Department of Culture Studies

The current Department of Culture Studies continues the traditions of the previous Department of Culture Research, established at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in 1995 as part of the Institute of Sociology. Its founding Head was prof. Janusz Mucha. Just as culture is complex and dynamic, past and current research interests of the staff at the Department are quite heterogeneous, although with many points in common.


Prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Olechnicki is interested in the possibilities afforded by visual methods in social sciences, photography as a social phenomenon, and internet subworlds. His recent research projects have focused on the role of new cultural institutions and changes in the cultural practices of Poles. His upcoming research project will attempt to look at the superclass distinction of chess.

Prof. dr hab Tomasz Szlendak deals with research on changing masculinity from a comparative perspective, audience development solutions for Polish cultural institutions, and changes in cultural practices. His last research project concerned the quality of life of the middle class in Euro-American culture. Prof. Szlendak is the Director of the Doctoral School in Social Sciences – Academia Rerum Socialium.

Dr hab. Michał Wróblewski, NCU Prof, conducts research in the field of science and technology studies, as well as the sociology of medicine, health, and disease. He is currently interested in the role of data and quantification practices in the field of health, culture, and ecological problems, as well as the social image of infectious diseases.

Dr Beata Bielska’s research interests include the sociology of education, the sociology of sexuality, and science methodology.

Dr Wojciech Goszczyński interweaves research on the construction of rurality, the importance of new attitudes and behaviors of food producers and consumers, with the analysis of the relationship between knowledge about the environment and the functioning of local communities.

Dr. Malwina Krajewska’s research interests are located on the border of the sociology of religion, culture, and migration. They concern Tibetan Buddhism, its social dimension, changes in religious practices, and adaptation to new cultural contexts.